Cisco CCNA Training – Why Have a CCNA Certification?

CCNA Training

The IT market is one of the fastest growing on the globe. It’s lucrative, competitive and can be very exciting. Those enthusiastic about entering the industry will quickly realize many different certifications to help you improve their career potential. While both Microsoft and Novell have certification programs, Cisco training could be the best choice. Their CCNA and CCNP training programs and certifications have been in high demand but if you need much more provocation to get Cisco certified, allow me to share our top reasons to get Cisco trained.

Land a Better Job

One of the most important reasons to undergo Cisco practicing CCNA certification is to find a better job. While some employers still hire based on experience, most of them want to see that experience maintained by education. The only way to do that is to provide credentials. CCNA certifications reveal that you have knowledge, training and experience with some of today’s most popular networking technology and hardware.

ccna courses

Make better money

Another reason to consider this training is you’ll be able to earn more money. Recent reports show that IT professionals with CCNA certifications earned almost 17% greater than their counterparts who was lacking this certification did. This certification will help ensure that you are able to generate best salary possible.

Understand Key Networking Technologies

Cisco could be the undisputed leader in networking technologies for home offices, as well as for small and medium businesses. Professionals with CCNA training are intimately informed about Ethernet technology, VLANs, and other types of local and wide area networks. They are also familiar with OSI principles, routing protocols, switching operations and network management, as well as network security. All of these are areas that you’ll need to know in order to be effective and successful from the IT world.

The true secret to attaining CCNA certifications is to pass Cisco’s tests. The exams are rigorous and built to make sure that only those with the proper knowledge are able to gain this designation. The average test lasts a minimum of two hours, and you do not have a chance to revise your answers, nor can you leave an answer blank.

Cisco certification tests could be a real challenge, even for those who are intimately acquainted with this technology. The best option to actually can pass test without a problem is to pass through a CCNA fitness boot camp. What can a boot camp offer you? Actually, you will find that these training resources present you with education, hands-on skills through labs, and also the skills to pass the CCNA exam without any problems. Traditional network technology courses usually takes years to complete, however a boot camp puts feet on the road to employment within a few days.

The most important thing is that you simply choose the right CCNA bootcamp. There are many different training programs available, but they’re not all exactly the same. Make sure the CCNA bootcamp you choose offers an ironclad be certain that you will pass the CCNA exam with their training.

About Cisco Training
Pros who are highly proficient in the employment of Cisco operational systems supervise the Cisco courses offered by Unitek Education. Instructors have an understanding of CCNP and CSP1 tracks in addition to CCNA curriculum, are Cisco certified, and function consultants to Unitek Education.

Cisco CCNA Training – Why Have a CCNA Certification?

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